Leon Mullenders PhD (1979) in Chemistry is Head of the Department of Toxicogenetics at LUMC. His research interests relate to DNA repair damage processes, mutagenesis and carcinogenesis. He was the Scientific Manager of the EC FP6 integrated research project, RISC-RAD, which considered Radiosensitivity of Individuals and Susceptibility to Cancer induced by Ionising Radiations. Within RISC-RAD, he also led the work package on DNA damage. Professor Mullenders has published extensively in the peer-reviewed literature.

Firouz Darroudi MD (1976), PhD (1989) in Radiation Genetics and Chemical Mutagenesis at Leiden University (The Netherlands) is a senior research scientist at LUMC, with 30 years experience in Radiation Genetics and Chemical Mutagenesis, and in classical cytogenetics. He has explored the application of different cytogenetic assays such as dicentric, micronuclei, premature chromosome condensation and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)-based translocation assays for biological dosimetry following acute and chronic exposure in scenarios of accidental and occupational exposure. On the basis of seven other EU funded projects, he has contributed to the development and application of new FISH assays, such as multi-colour FISH, M-FISH and application of telomeric probe with chromosome painting probes and pancentromeric probes to investigate the origin of radiation induced chromosomal aberrations, mechanisms and spectra, and to assess biological dosimetry immediately and retrospectively. He has published more than 155 peer reviewed papers on radiation genetics, chemical mutagenesis and biological dosimetry, as well as more than 30 Technical reports published by: the Institute of Radiation Protection at Leiden University; International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), including the new IAEA Manual 405 (2001); and European Union for a master course. He is a senior consultant to WHO, UNESCO and IAEA on biological dosimetry.

Janna Fomina PhD from Minsk (Belarus) joined Dr. Darroudi’s group on 1995 and started to work at LUMC where she received training on state of the art cytogenetic assays such as FISH-based translocation assays. Since then she has been responsible for different projects in relation to assessment of biological dosimetry in cases of accidental and occupational exposure. She has contributed to further improve the FISH assay by combining chromosome paint probes with pancentromeric and pan-telomeric probes for whole genome to elucidate the hallmark(s) for low and high LET radiation induced chromosomal aberrations (dicentrics, translocations, complete and incomplete chromosome exchanges). She has published more than 10 peer-reviewed papers.

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SOLO Project Meetings 2010 - 2015

1. 26-29 April 2010: Oxford, UK - hosted by HPA CRCE

2. 12 November 2010: Chelyabinsk, RU - hosted by URCRM

3. 14-17 March 2011: Lyon, FR - hosted by IARC

4. 19-22 September 2011: Chelyabinsk, RU - hosted by SUBI

5. 26-29 March 2012: Rome, IT - hosted by ISS

6. 4-7 March 2013: Brussels, BE - hosted by EC DG R&I

7. 10-13 March 2014: Munich, DE - hosted by HMGU

8. 16-19 February 2015: Oxford, UK  -  hosted by PHE CRCE