Albrecht Wieser, head of the EPR laboratory in the HMGU – Institute of Radiation Protection. He has been working since 25 years in the fields of EPR spectroscopy and its application in dosimetry. Main research activities include retrospective EPR dosimetry with teeth and the development of EPR systems for routine application. He was head of several working groups on 'EPR analyses of teeth' of EC funded projects. He is involved in reconstruction of external doses with EPR spectroscopy of teeth for nuclear workers and residents of the Urals in the ongoing SOUL project and is Scientific secretary of this project.

Dr Alexander Ulanovsky, PhD in Nuclear Engineering and research associate in the Research Group Risk Analysis. Since 1988 he worked on problems related to dosimetric assessments of the population exposure after the Chernobyl accident. He was a participant of a number of scientific projects related to post-Chernobyl dose reconstruction and thyroid cancer risk studies (EU- and US-supported studies in Belarus). He has extensive experience in Monte Carlo simulation of radiation dosimetry in complex geometry systems. Since 2002, he is a corresponding member of the ICRP Task Groups on dosimetry of reference animal and plants. He has gained considerable fieldwork and modelling experience during the EC project SOUL.

Dr Clemens Woda, head of the Luminescence laboratory at the HMGU Institute of Radiation Protection. He has been working in the field of EPR and luminescence dosimetry and dating for 12 years. His research focuses on the application and methodological improvements of luminescence dosimetry in contaminated settlements using bricks, tiles and unheated materials and on the investigation of the suitability of personally carried objects as fortuitous dosimeters in case of radiological emergencies. He has gained considerable experience in fieldwork, sampling and luminescence dosimetry in the Techa River region during the EC project SOUL.

Dr Natalia Semioshkina, senior scientist and a diploma physicist. She works in the Research Group Risk Analysis of the HMGU - Institute of Radiation Protection, in the field of radioecology, the development of environmental decision support systems and restoration strategies and dose reconstruction methods such as thermoluminescence techniques. She was/is involved in different EC supported projects such as RESTORE and inter-linked inco-Copernicus and ISTC projects; she coordinated the EC Project EVANET-TERRA. Dr Semioshkina is involved in determination of 90Sr content in teeth tissue for nuclear workers and residents of the Urals in the ongoing SOUL project and is the SOUL project officer.

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SOLO Project Meetings 2010 - 2015

1. 26-29 April 2010: Oxford, UK - hosted by HPA CRCE

2. 12 November 2010: Chelyabinsk, RU - hosted by URCRM

3. 14-17 March 2011: Lyon, FR - hosted by IARC

4. 19-22 September 2011: Chelyabinsk, RU - hosted by SUBI

5. 26-29 March 2012: Rome, IT - hosted by ISS

6. 4-7 March 2013: Brussels, BE - hosted by EC DG R&I

7. 10-13 March 2014: Munich, DE - hosted by HMGU

8. 16-19 February 2015: Oxford, UK  -  hosted by PHE CRCE