SOLO sub-project 5: Management and Coordination

Work package 5.1. Scientific coordination


To contribute to successful achievement of the objectives of the project by high-level scientific coordination.

Task 5.1.1 Framework for management (HPA, SUBI, URCRM, HGUM, UCLan)

The key elements of the framework for management and coordination will be established and/or further developed, building upon the approaches previously adopted for the SOUL project. These elements include: the criteria for prioritisation of research activities; monitoring of performance indicators (ie. key steps); and quality arrangements.

Task 5.1.2 Critical review of progress and contingency plans (HPA, SUBI, URCRM, HGUM, UCLan)

The Project Management Group (PMG) forms the core of the strategic management for SOLO. During the first PMG meeting, the work plan will be reviewed and the contingency plans further developed. During subsequent PMG meetings, to be held every six months, progress and developments will be critically reviewed in regard to the scientific goals.

Work package 5.2. Administrative management


To implement day-to-day operational management of the project. To assist the Project Coordinator in all administrative aspects. To control and manage the project documentation. To execute the administrative and financial tasks, to design and develop a website, to organise meetings and workshops in association with dissemination activities.

Description of work:

Task 5.2.1 Consortium agreement (HPA to lead, in collaboration with all beneficiaries)

To ensure that the project is implemented smoothly without unexpected management problems, management principles will be laid down in the consortium agreement, which will be finalised and signed by all beneficiaries before the start of the contract. Intellectual property rights and other legal issues will be covered by this agreement

Task 5.2.2 Day-to-day consortium management (HPA)

The Project Office will implement the day-to-day operational management of the project. The SOLO website will be developed and maintained, with the aim of making this accessible using any internet browser. Part of the website will be only open to the project beneficiaries, representatives of the funding organisations (EC and RF ministries) and the SAB. This part will be a secure collaborative platform service dedicated to administrative and financial coordination, internal communication and to knowledge management. In particular, progress reports and deliverables that are restricted to the consortium will be placed on this part of the website. (Paper copies of journal publications arising from SOLO will be posted to the European Commission.) Another part of the Web site will be open to the public and will include summaries of the work planned and periodic updates on progress.

Task 5.2.3 Support for research activities (HPA)

This encompasses:

  • transmission of project      information between the consortium and the EC;
  • periodic reporting,      including progress reports;
  • preparation of meetings of      the PMG and the General Assembly;
  • support for activities of      the PMG and SAB;
  • preparing the gender action      plan and monitoring gender issues within the project;
  • preparation of any updates      to the work programme and the related financial plan; and
  • if required, support to      implementing changes in activities and/or the consortium, including new      tasks and beneficiaries.

Task 5.2.4 Administrative and financial management (HPA)

This encompasses:

  • the transmission of all      administrative and financial information between the consortium and the      EC;
  • assistance to sub-project      leaders and contractors, preparation of financial reports and obtaining      audit certificates from each participant;
  • following up on requests to      avoid administrative delays;
  • receipt of payments made by      EC and transferring to beneficiaries according to the consortium’s      decisions;
  • retaining records of the EC      funding;
  • if required, implementation      of competitive calls for the consortium to find new participants;
  • preparation of any      amendments to the EC contract and to the consortium agreement;
  • preparation and support for      financial audits; and
  • holding all the documents      related to the project.

Task 5.2.5 Project Communication Action activities (HPA)

This encompasses:

  • the preparation of the      Project Communication Action (PCA):
  • planning, control and      management of PCA activities; and
  • preparation of a summary of      PCA activities at the end of the project.

The PCA activities will include support for workshops or wider scientific symposium at which the findings from this research will be presented. Some of these activities are likely to be conducted in conjunction with the DoReMi consortium.

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SOLO Project Meetings 2010 - 2015

1. 26-29 April 2010: Oxford, UK - hosted by HPA CRCE

2. 12 November 2010: Chelyabinsk, RU - hosted by URCRM

3. 14-17 March 2011: Lyon, FR - hosted by IARC

4. 19-22 September 2011: Chelyabinsk, RU - hosted by SUBI

5. 26-29 March 2012: Rome, IT - hosted by ISS

6. 4-7 March 2013: Brussels, BE - hosted by EC DG R&I

7. 10-13 March 2014: Munich, DE - hosted by HMGU

8. 16-19 February 2015: Oxford, UK  -  hosted by PHE CRCE