11. University of Manchester (UNIMAN), UK

The University of Manchester is Britain's largest single-site university with a proud history of achievement and an ambitious agenda for the future. The nuclear age was born in Manchester with Ernest Rutherford's pioneering research that led to the splitting of the atom. It has a rich academic heritage and can lay claim to 25 Nobel Laureates amongst its current and former staff and students. The University of Manchester is also with nearly 40,000 registered students, the UK’s largest educational institution. UNIMAN joined the consortium on 1 January 2012 (month 23).

The Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health engages in research and postgraduate education. It is located in the School of Community Based Medicine It investigates the relationship between the environment and human health with special reference to occupation, pollution, and trauma epidemiology. It has a wide-ranging doctoral programme as well as being the foremost academic centre for postgraduate education in occupational medicine and hygiene in the country.

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SOLO Project Meetings 2010 - 2015

1. 26-29 April 2010: Oxford, UK - hosted by HPA CRCE

2. 12 November 2010: Chelyabinsk, RU - hosted by URCRM

3. 14-17 March 2011: Lyon, FR - hosted by IARC

4. 19-22 September 2011: Chelyabinsk, RU - hosted by SUBI

5. 26-29 March 2012: Rome, IT - hosted by ISS

6. 4-7 March 2013: Brussels, BE - hosted by EC DG R&I

7. 10-13 March 2014: Munich, DE - hosted by HMGU

8. 16-19 February 2015: Oxford, UK  -  hosted by PHE CRCE